About Schmidt Bleek CV English

Prof. Dr. Friedrich Schmidt-Bleek

Präsident of the Factor 10 Institute

  Born 16. Juli 1932 in Bandung, Indonesien, German Citizenship, 5 children
Dipl.Chem. 1958 Univ. Bonn, Max Planck Institut für.Chemie, Mainz
Dr.rer.nat. 1960 Univ. Mainz, MPI für Chemie, Mainz, Nuclear- and Radiation Chemistry
1960-1974 Postdoctoral Research Associate (until 1962) with Nobel Laureate F. S. Rowland at the University of Kansas, afterwards Faculty Member Universities of Kansas, Purdue, Tennessee. Teaching, Research, Public Service, Directing Master and PhD work.
1970-1974 Founding Director, Appalachian Resources Project, University of Tennessee
1972-1974 Founding Director, Environment Center, University of Tennessee System
1974-1997 Civil Servant Federal Environment Protection Agency (UBA), Berlin
1974-1975 Responsible for Fed. Environment Research, UBA
1975-1982 Responsible for Protection from Toxic Substances, UBA
1982-1985 Head, Chemicals Division, OECD, Paris
1985-1988 Director, Fed. Project on Early Detection of Env. Changes, Natl. Laboratory GSF, Munich
1985-1988 Director, Environment Bureau of the Economic Summit, GSF
1988-1991 Leader, Technology, Economy and Society Program, IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria
1992-1993 Councilor, UBA, Berlin and Ministry of the Env, Bonn
1993- July 1997 Director, Dept. Of Material Flows and Eco-restructuring and Founding Vice President of the Wuppertal Institute (1994-1997)
1994 - 2006 Founding President, International Factor 10 Club
since Jan. 1997 Founding President, Factor 10-Institute, in Carnoules/Provence
since 1998 Founding Member, "Factor 10 Innovation Network"
2001 "Takeda World Environment Award", together with E. U. von Weizsaecker
2003 – 2004 Chair, Future Council, State of Northrhine Westfalia
2004 – 2005 Jury, World – EXPO, Nagoya