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Key competences

The following key-competences should be taught to young students as early as possible so that they can contribute toward approaching sustainability:

Social Competence
The capacity to respect the dignity of all human beings as well as their needs

Competence to learn
The ability to perform independent studies and evaluate results by one self

Systems competence
The capacity to discern and take into consideration interdependencies, time sequences and limits

Innovation competence
The ability to convert experience and knowledge into novel solutions within existing boundary conditions

Communication competence
The ability to present and communicate complex issues in generally understandable terms – preferably in several languages
The ability to participate actively in constructive discussions

Decision competence
The ability to arrive at decisions that reflect equal consideration of ecological, social, economic , cultural and institutional consequences

Economic competence
The ability to increase wealth through market forces, respecting ecological limits and social conditions

Productivity competence
The ability to meet needs with the least possible waste and generate utility in the most cost effective fashion with the least amount of natural